We absolutely love finding great substitutes for our favorite baking and cooking ingredients-

some of our favorites are:

Mashed up banana for sugar

Unsweetened applesauce for sugar

Coconut flour for wheat flour

Avocado for butter

Whether it be to have a healthy lifestyle, follow a vegan diet or other special requests, we hope you all swipe through the different images and let us know other food substitutions that you’ve found!

Maybe having a sugar alternative is just what the doctor ordered

Vanilla Extra for sugar?

Tofu for butter? Yes, if you get the silky and soft one- no one will be the wiser if you are vegan

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unsweetened applesauce is a great substitute for sugar

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have a Gluten Free diet? Coconut flour is a great alternative

Rice flour is also a great option as well for gluten-filled wheat flour

Green butter alternative?

Would you swap avocado for butter?

Multiple articles talked about alternatives to butter, like seeds, avocado and even Tofu!

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