chocolate strawberry trays

make a fondue project by dipping the strawberries into warm chocolate and top with sprinkles for a special interactive project

every one love cupcakes

top with your favorite edible treats, candles and messages for a special touch

cake pops

act like a kid again with these mini cake pops- top with your favorite sprinkles and serve in a sweet vase with candy hearts and a ribbon

know someone that wants to still pursue their health goals or vegan?

a fun edible food bowl is a great way to do both! cut out fun shapes out of melon, watermelon, pineapple and more!

Ask about combining treats on tarts and cakes!

Macaroons on top of cheesecakes and mini cakes or even chocolate dipped strawberries is a great way to say "I Love You"

MMMM.. Cheesecakes

We've never met someone who doesn't LOVE a great cheesecake- ask about custom flavors

Angel Food mini cupcakes

This light dessert with a pop of color is a great way to celebrate and have a lighter fare.

go nuts for Donuts!

Create a fun wall with peg board from home depot for a decorative and pratical wall treat that you can use for later!

Who doesn't love macaroons?

Ask about fun flavors like Red Velvet with custom toppings and fillings!