Salads feeds 4

  • Pineapple, pepper chopped salad with cabbage and romaine with sesame chive dressing-$42
  • Caprese tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette $50
  • Prochuitto, parmesan, white bean salad with lemon thyme vinaigrette-$45
  • Marinated shaved fennel, cucumber, onion salad with pistachios and orange vinaigrette-$40
  • Greek salad with feta and olives and sun dried tomato vinaigrette-$40
  • Spinach and romaine salad with shredded carrots and carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers with homemade buttermilk ranch-$40

Add chicken-$15 add shrimp-$40 add steak-$40


Family meals-feeds 4

  • Roasted red pepper alfredo chicken pasta-$60 add shrimp $85
  • Bacon and brisket mac and cheese $65
  • Salmon cakes, rice and asparagus and creamy dijon sauce $75
  • Bruschetta chicken with creamy spinach polenta-$60
  • Moroccan spiced chicken, quinoa, carrots and kale-$60
  • Flank steak, squash and roasted potatoes-$80
  • Honey and chipotle glazed salmon,
  • Pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans-$70
  • Crab cakes, roasted potatoes, veggies-$95
  • Chicken sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes and ziti-$60
  • Brie and cranberry stuffed pork loin and butternut squash parmesan sage risotto-$70

Vegan and vegetarian individual meals

  • Vegan chili with pinto beans, chayote squash and corn-$15
  • Sundried tomato and cracker stuffed acorn squash with mushroom gravy-$10
  • Pasta primavera with sugar snaps, asparagus and peppers-$15
  • 2 vegan spring rolls with sweet chili sauce-$10
  • Edamame and shitake potstickers 4 for $10
  • Avocado, corn, black bean, scallion tomatillo quinoa salad-$15

Wedding and party menus

  • Some examples of what we offer and pricing.
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Per person price doesn't include drinks, delivery, servers, taxes or gratuity

We do offer dish, glass and silverware rentals

Summer BBQ menu-


  • Beef brisket
  • Pork bbq
  • Rolls and sauces
  • Mac and cheese
  • Coleslaw
  • Fruit

Cocktail appetizers menu


  • Shrimp cocktail with thai peanut sauce
  • Tortellini tomato skewers
  • Tomato and smoked gouda crostini
  • Orange sesame beef skewers
  • Mini crab quiche
  • Pesto stuffed mushrooms
  • Baked brie with honey fruit and crackers
  • Charcuterie and cheese tray
  • Sweet potato ham biscuit
  • Mini pork belly sliders
  • Lemon blueberry cheesecake squares
  • Red velvet and chocolate mini cupcakes
  • Mango passion fruit mousse tarts

Dinner buffet


  • Tenderloin with burgundy wine sauce
  • Rosemary orange roasted chicken
  • Roasted herb potatoes
  • Rice pilaf
  • Asparagus
  • Green beans
  • Spinach romaine salad with choice of balsamic and buttermilk dressing
  • Assorted bread basket and butter
  • Assorted mini desserts


Couldn't have been happy with the cookie cake she made, it was perfect! On top of whipping this up on such short notice the flavor and consistency was amazing. We couldn't believe how much cookie was there, it was 7 pounds of cookie goodness. Thank you Tessa's Creations."

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