Mini quiche

(choose from bacon cheddar, crab spinach, veggie)

$1 each

Stuffed mushrooms

  • with pesto and parmesan

$1 each

Assorted crostini

  • (choose from smoked gouda tomato, feta, tomato and spinach, beef and goat cheese, apple brie and honey)

$1.25 each

Tomato mozzarella

tortellini skewers

$1.25 each

Salami, olive-

tomato skewers-


Shrimp, mozzarella-

tomato skewers-

$1.50 each

Chicken skewers

(comes with sauces- Thai peanut and bourbon BBQ)

$1.50 each

Orange sesame

beef skewers

-$1.50 each

Seared sesame

tuna bites

$2 each

Crab asparagus

ricotta tarts-

$1.75 each

Mini crab cakes

(price may vary)

Large baked brie with honey and nuts

(comes with fruit and crackers)


Deviled eggs

(choose from crab chive, blue cheese, avocado and regular)

$1 each


wrapped asparagus

-$1 each

Smoked salmon

dill cream cheese on bagel bites-

$2 each

Mini spicy shrimp

and slaw cups

-$2.50 each

Pineapple chicken

salad cups

-$2.50 each


jalapeno puffs

-$1 each

Mini beef


-$2 each