Kids won’t touch fresh fruit and veggies?

🍔🍔Are they always gravitating during fast food?

📣💪How do we raise healthy conscious kids in such a fast-paced world?

🍓Here are some of our favorite ways to introduce new foods to kids and male it fun! 

🥑visit a farm- see how food is grown in your local area

🍒Have them a part of the shopping trip and food list making! 

🍎Get the kids involved in cooking and prepping the food and washing the veggies

🍎❤️Get cookie cutters to cut them in fun shapes

🌿Grow your own garden in your backyard and talk to your kids about how fruit and vegetables are made

🌿💪Hide some veggies like cauliflower, tomatoes and fresh herbs in their favorite foods are pizza, hamburger and spaghetti sauce

📣any other ideas that have worked for your family?

✅✅let’s hear them in the comments!