It’s no secret that Halloween is traditionally the time for candy, frosting, cakes, cookies, treats and some high allergy sensitive foods.

Here are some of our favorite and fun options for a healthier and safe Halloween for all kids!

classroom party favorite

Tiny orange pumpkins with fruit

super simple and colorful fruit bowls!

see the full recipe

apple desserts with a twist

these “pigs in a blanket” type of pastry can be substituted for a GF rice flour option, apple and cinnamon inside. A great party option as well to do a vegan hotdog inside for a “meat” option

see the full recipe here: Healthy Halloween Treats - Mummy Apple Crypts - Home and Plate

Love this little twist on a typical fruit salad with a “mummy” strawberries, grapes and bananas with edible eye balls, chocolate pieces and more. Obviously substituting ingredients for dairy free if need be : see source: This Halloween Fruit Platter Is a Healthy Halloween Snack For Kids (

these little "frankenstein" kiwi heads are so darn cute, fun and will be the talk of your kid's school party. Try to find GF pretzels for that substitution as well.

source: Frankenstein Kiwis – (Another!) Healthy Halloween Treat! (

These "ants of a log" variations with almond or sunflower butter are supper fun with raisins or other "candy" or gummy worms

source: Cool Spider Healthy Halloween Snacks For Parties - Oh My Creative (

mummy popcorn "hands" are a great little pre-made bags- great for the Halloween visitors at your door-stop. Complete with dollar tree rings, ribbon, gummy candy or other special things.

source: Healthy Halloween Snacks: POPCORN HANDS & More - EatPlant-Based

epic monster eyeballs-

apples with "peanut butter" and jam with the blueberry and banana eye are a great conversation piece at any event

source: Healthy Halloween Treats - Monster Mouths (paleo, vegan) - Texanerin Baking

"boonanas" and 5 other ideas are here on this great little post

frozen bananas, "vomiting" watermelons and more are here on this page: 3 Healthy Halloween Snacks For Kids | HelloFresh Food Blog

carrot and pepper "broomsticks" can be a great fun and interesting veggie plate alternative (dip in your favorite condiment)

see source: Witches Broomsticks - Healthy Little Foodies

silly face smoothies, rice krispie treats and more are here on this "25 healthy snacks for preschoolers" blog: 12 Healthy Halloween Treats and Snacks (You Can Make in 5 Minutes!) (

Love avocado? see 10 plus ideas on this blog as well for healthy and silly kids:

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