Want to know a little behind-the-scenes of how we know what we know?

Tessa has over 30 years experience working in bakeries, pastries, full-service catering and specializing in alternate diets like gluten-free, vegan and more!

She is completely self-taught and never went to formal school to learn all the things she does….

She has worked in Hampton Roads for baseball teams, fundraisers, events, galas, hotels, festivals, weddings and more!

Her favorite and most used work experience actually comes from her times at a Kmart bakery (go figure!), where she would have to decorate 20 to 30 cakes a day. She learned so many great shortcuts quick tips and hacks to learn in a normal kitchen.

Jokes on her art teacher, who never saw her potential and gave her a failing grade-Now Tessa mixes colors all day- creating custom palettes for cakes to fit any theme- hand-sculpting the fondant and hand-painting every single strawberry for her signature dipped strawberry cake.

Just know that each cake is made with love, each dish is created in small batches in our working kitchen in the heart of Ghent, Norfolk. When you support our business, you are truly supporting a one-woman show, entrepreneur, mother and friend to many here in the Tidewater area.