Kids love to see what mom and dad are doing in the kitchen at all ages. When your kids are big enough- have them help out in the kitchen to make their own healthy food choices.

CBS just published an article talking about the benefits of kids learning how to cook may correlate to better food choices later in life:

"It is important to expose children to healthy foods in a positive way," said Derek Hersch, the lead author of the study who also works with a cooking education program called Food Explorers at the Minnesota Heart Institute Foundation. "Creating habits and behaviors at this age is the most important part of it."


Need help getting your kids to eat healthier- teach them about food- shop with them, cook with them and give them the power to choose what they can eat.

Here are some of our favorite tools for kids to empower them in the kitchen (with parent’s help of course)

This little multitool spoon rest can help your kid avoid spills at the counter:

Getting a cookbook can help visualize some things that they would like to eat and cook- especially for picky eaters. See some of our favorite books here:

Obviously we want our kids safe in the kitchen- but cutting the veggies and fruits are all a apart of the process- so how do you let them safely handle a knife but feel independent? There is a product for just this reason!

Here is one idea of a wooden “knife” that really feels like they are chopping - really works!

Getting your kids a real apron, hat a tools- help them to feel professional and invested in what you are working on!

See some of our ideas here:

We are loving these super fun, colorful and REAL working kitchen tool sets for kids to measure, shape and organize the menu. You can use them for cooking and baking!

Are you a plant-based family? Want your kids to learn some fun recipes, but also get involved in saving the planet? Look at this super colorful and kid-friendly recipe book for vegan families

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